WHM Weekend Advanced Training

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Master the stress response, master your life. Click on the details & learn more...Yon't don't want to miss out on this!

Want to unleash your innerfire superhuman?  All you need to do is learn how to master the stress the response.  

Join Certified Instructor Matt Soule as he takes participants through an advanced curriculum set in the breathtaking scenery of the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, USA.        

What's all included? 

  • Breath Work and Mindset:  Participants will learn to go deep into their consciousness through guided power breathing, evolve and refine their ability to influence the autonomic nervous system, and deeply experience their own shifting physiology and chemistry.   
  • Cold Immersion:  Participants will train in a variety of cold settings in the rocky glacial valley including shirtless snow hikes, mountain lake submersions, river exposures and more.  
  • Food;  Densely nutritious meals will be provided including superfood smoothies, wild game and / or organic lunches and dinner (think elk meat and wild salmon / vegetarian alternative option provided) over the course of our journey into the depths of the human spirit.  
  • Times: (Optional arrival Friday after 6p) Start time Saturday @9a; Overnight and ending @4p on Sunday.  Arrive anytime between Friday afternoon after 3 or Saturday morning before 9a.  End Sunday late afternoon fully refreshed, invigorated, and armed with the toolkit to live your well deserved motto:  Health, Strength and Happiness!   
  • Lodging: 2 days, 1-2 nights in a communal house in the Cascade Mountains (shared room options listed; contact for private room options and pricing).  Exact location will be emailed to participants.
  • Max Participants - 15 
  • Minimum Experience Required:  Either former participation in a L1 WHM seminar OR  the 10 week WHM online course.


"When I started the weekend I felt like I had already lost myself. I had been practicing for awhile but wasn't really connecting to my soul.  The group was so warm and supportive. As a result the course had a profound effect on my life because I was able to connect to a community who understood my struggles and desire to achieve balance naturally. By day two I had touched something deep and it felt amazing. I left the weekend with a better understanding of the practice and a community of friends to practice with.  Highly recommend a course with Matt because the quality of instruction is unmatchable." - Geneva N.

"I have taken the Beginning Wim Hof Method Workshop, the two-week advanced protocol training, and the Advanced Wim Hof Method Workshop with Matthew Soule. 

The techniques I learned in these workshops have helped me avoid oncoming panic attacks, have decreased my overall stress level, and appear to have improved my blood gas exchange during exercise. I am so glad that I let my curiosity drive me to sign up for that first workshop.

I think the most important thing I can say about my experience with these workshops is that training with Matt was great. The advanced workshop, in particular, included some techniques and experiences that could have been completely different with a less trustworthy instructor. Matt's kindness, inclusivity, and confidence set the tone for the entire weekend and really brought the varied group of people together. It felt like a very safe environment in which to try new and scary things. You should take these workshops with Matt, if you have the opportunity." - Sandra K. 

"Training with Matt opened up layers of experience with cold water and breathing that I previously only had hints of. It's one thing to apply the WHM on your own or to experience the rivers and lakes directly, but a whole other level to have a system that integrates breath and mind in a way that's specifically designed to help you tap the power of cold water to its potential. I use the methods Matt taught me every day, and they continue to grow and reveal their depth through application. It gives me a daily sense of peace that can only be described as both ineffable and unmistakable, but the extra energy to get things done is quite the added bonus. After training my whole life in mind-body practices, the piece I received from Matt helps pull the other pieces together and work in harmony with each other. But most of all, I appreciate the way the WHM, taught in the way Matt teaches it, opens up the capacity to directly experience my inseparability from nature. That is by far the greatest gift. I feel genuinely grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an accomplished and open-hearted teacher." - Max L. 



Although there is always a rough outline, 'no program' a Wim Hof Method mantra. For the best experience, go in with an open mind and without expectations. The start- and end times listed in this section are subject to change.

Please make sure that you show your order number on arrival, either on a print-out or via your phone.

We advise to eat light, if at all, before the workshop.